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Tip #10: Rules on Diaper Changing

For new parents, diaper changing can be a point of contention. This is usually a result of sleep deprivation and short tempers. Here are a few guidelines that can be used even when sleepy to make things easier. 1.Diaper changing … Continue reading

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Tip #9: Babies Sleep a lot, Make the Most of it

Babies do three things very well. Eat, poop and sleep, and not necessarily in that order. There is a strong temptation to try and get things done while the baby is sleeping. You need to fight that temptation. It is … Continue reading

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Tip #8: You are no longer cool!

This is the one piece of advice I give to every new father. Embracing this idea quickly is critical to maintaining your sanity as a dad. The desire to be and/or look cool is something every man has. This need … Continue reading

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Tip #7: It isn’t a competition

Some people love to compete. It is sad when they bring their kids into it. Especially when the competition is something that you have no control over, like when a baby’s teeth come in. In the end, all that matters … Continue reading

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Tip #6: Don’t do babytalk

My main reason for this is because babytalk drives me crazy. But part of it is because babies’ brains are little sponges. They learn about the world around them by observation. It is also how they learn language. What possible … Continue reading

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Tip #5: You need some adult time

Not “adult” time, well you need that too, but you need time with other adults. Just being with adults is a good way to decompress and remind you there is a whole world outside that crib. Parents need time away … Continue reading

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Tip #4: You can’t babysit your own child

I had a woman come up to me once when I was out in public with my baby daughter. She made some comment about how nice it was that I was babysitting my child. It was 1 pm on a … Continue reading

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