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Tip #16: TV is Entertainment, Not a Babysitter

The pretty pictures on the television will mesmerize a child, but that is no reason to park your kid in front of the screen and walk away. Even with educational shows or videos, leaving a child unattended in front of … Continue reading

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Tip#15: Careful What Precedent You Set

You really have to watch what you teach your kid. This can be a tough one because it means a lot of self reflection best done before the kid is born. It also means keeping a close eye on your … Continue reading

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Tip #14: Babies Love Boxes

I have threatened a number of times that instead of presents I am only going to give babies empty boxes for gifts. Why? Because a stuffed animal will always be that stuffed animal, but a box can be ANYTHING. I … Continue reading

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Tip #13: Seek Understanding, Not Silence

A common rookie mistake, the kid is crying and the parent just wants to shut the kid up. That is a short term solution with no long term benefits. What you need to do is be able to understand where … Continue reading

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Tip #12: Enjoy the Phase You are in

When people think of having kids, they think of first words, first steps or other major milestones. Unfortunately, you can only do something or the first time once. After that, it can be done all the time. And then the … Continue reading

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Tip #11: Be Part of a Team

Eleven years ago, I looked down at a squiggling little seven-week-old girl and said, “You are new to life, I am new to parenting, but if we stick together we will get through this.” It was my first solo day … Continue reading

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