Tip #12: Enjoy the Phase You are in

The end of an era. Anna could now sit up. I enjoyed that for as long as I could before she started trying to stand.

When people think of having kids, they think of first words, first steps or other major milestones. Unfortunately, you can only do something or the first time once. After that, it can be done all the time. And then the nostalgia for the old days sets in.

There is so much excitement leading up to baby’s first steps. How cool is it that baby can stand up? The kid can stumble, quick, get the camera. And then the fateful day when baby can walk unassisted. It is fun at first. Pictures and video are shared with family and friends. Then the realizations start to set in. Walking quickly leads to running.

Standing upright gives a kid more access to get into mischief. A baby that can barely roll over can be corralled by pillows. A running child must be chased. Long gone is that excitement of baby’s first step and replaced by dread every time you have to chase down a giggling child in the store.

Nothing can stop progress. It is a natural part of life. And don’t try to rush it either; it will happen when it happens. Remember, it isn’t a competition. There is no way to stop kids from growing or developing. What you can do is enjoy the current phase you are in. When the kid is not mobile, enjoy it. Take that time to rest up, because it will not last long. Have fun when you kid is crawling, because as soon as that kid is upright, ironically, it all goes downhill.

Maybe take advantage of the early months to build up your cardio for when you have to start chasing them. When that happens, enjoy that too. Because soon enough they will be driving.

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