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Dads, you are the standard by which all men are to be judged

By: Peter Sessum This is one of the duties that men must take seriously. Children look to their fathers as examples of how men should be and how they should be treated by men. You have one chance to set … Continue reading

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Punish for every infraction

By Peter Sessum As a headline it seems harsh, but as parents we are in the business of raising children to be productive members of society. Anything less than that is a disservice to our children and society as a … Continue reading

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Tip #41: Find Creative Means of Communication

By Peter Sessum There comes a point, I believe, that the voice of the parents stop being the voice of authority and more like white noise to be ignored. If you have ever spent time around a cat or a … Continue reading

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Tip #40: Let Them Learn the hard Way

By Peter Sessum As parents we love our children and want to protect them from everything, but at a certain point it becomes overbearing. The best lessons are hard learned so sometimes it is good to let children learn the … Continue reading

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You Can’t Deny That Anti-Vaccination People Love Their Children

With the first measles death in 12 years being reported recently and California’s blocking the personal beliefs exemption has brought up the anti-vaccination discussion. The people who oppose vaccinations have come under fire again. In everything I have read, one … Continue reading

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