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Tip #24: Win The Bedtime Battle

This will drive parents crazy. Getting a kid into bed is easy; having a kid stay in bed can be a challenge. This is where being the Alpha in the family will be put to good use, or be tested. … Continue reading

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Tip #16: TV is Entertainment, Not a Babysitter

The pretty pictures on the television will mesmerize a child, but that is no reason to park your kid in front of the screen and walk away. Even with educational shows or videos, leaving a child unattended in front of … Continue reading

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Tip #4: You can’t babysit your own child

I had a woman come up to me once when I was out in public with my baby daughter. She made some comment about how nice it was that I was babysitting my child. It was 1 pm on a … Continue reading

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Tip #3: Most Parenting advice is sexist

I stopped reading parenting magazines when I was a new dad because they were insulting. Most of them acted like if a guy changed more than two diapers a week he was Superdad. As a father, doing your part is … Continue reading

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