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Tip #25:Your Kids Are a Descendant of You Not an Extension of You

You see extreme examples of this on reality shows. Parents trying to live through their kids. No matter what success your child has in life, it will never be your success. Their failure, however, may completely be your failure. You … Continue reading

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Tip #12: Enjoy the Phase You are in

When people think of having kids, they think of first words, first steps or other major milestones. Unfortunately, you can only do something or the first time once. After that, it can be done all the time. And then the … Continue reading

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Tip #7: It isn’t a competition

Some people love to compete. It is sad when they bring their kids into it. Especially when the competition is something that you have no control over, like when a baby’s teeth come in. In the end, all that matters … Continue reading

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