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Dads, you are the standard by which all men are to be judged

By: Peter Sessum This is one of the duties that men must take seriously. Children look to their fathers as examples of how men should be and how they should be treated by men. You have one chance to set … Continue reading

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Tip #23: Kids Are Gullible

Seriously, they will believe ANYTHING! Think about the things you grew up believing and try to explain them to a reasonable adult. You will realize how naïve you were or maybe how trusting. The reason kids believe this stuff is … Continue reading

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Tip #21: Cheerios Are AWESOME!!!

Most parents have General Mills to thank for many hours of sanity. Cheerios are the perfect baby food. Once that kid starts on solids, keep cheerios on hand at all times. Stay well stocked at home, keep a Tupperware container … Continue reading

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Tip #19: Teach Your Kid What You Know

Best thing a dad can do is get out of the whole gender roles argument. Spending time with your kid is what is important. So teach your kid what you know and you will always have quality time together. In … Continue reading

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Tip #9: Babies Sleep a lot, Make the Most of it

Babies do three things very well. Eat, poop and sleep, and not necessarily in that order. There is a strong temptation to try and get things done while the baby is sleeping. You need to fight that temptation. It is … Continue reading

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Tip #6: Don’t do babytalk

My main reason for this is because babytalk drives me crazy. But part of it is because babies’ brains are little sponges. They learn about the world around them by observation. It is also how they learn language. What possible … Continue reading

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