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The Last Word on Public Breast-Feeding

By Peter Sessum Since August is National breast-feeding Month I thought it only appropriate that I address it in a parenting blog. So here it is, the final word on breast-feeding. OK, maybe not the final word, although it would … Continue reading

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Tip #11: Be Part of a Team

Eleven years ago, I looked down at a squiggling little seven-week-old girl and said, “You are new to life, I am new to parenting, but if we stick together we will get through this.” It was my first solo day … Continue reading

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Tip #3: Most Parenting advice is sexist

I stopped reading parenting magazines when I was a new dad because they were insulting. Most of them acted like if a guy changed more than two diapers a week he was Superdad. As a father, doing your part is … Continue reading

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