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Tip #25:Your Kids Are a Descendant of You Not an Extension of You

You see extreme examples of this on reality shows. Parents trying to live through their kids. No matter what success your child has in life, it will never be your success. Their failure, however, may completely be your failure. You … Continue reading

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Tip #23: Kids Are Gullible

Seriously, they will believe ANYTHING! Think about the things you grew up believing and try to explain them to a reasonable adult. You will realize how naïve you were or maybe how trusting. The reason kids believe this stuff is … Continue reading

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Tip #8: You are no longer cool!

This is the one piece of advice I give to every new father. Embracing this idea quickly is critical to maintaining your sanity as a dad. The desire to be and/or look cool is something every man has. This need … Continue reading

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